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Family Photo of Wabara 2017

“Wabara” are Japanese roses that invented and raised by Mr. Kunieda Keiji at Rose Farm Keiji in Moriyama city, Shiga, Japan.

Shiga Prefecture has Lake Biwa that is the largest lake in Japan.

Lake Biwa was far far from ancient times, Matsusaka Bay in Mie, over a long period of time and reached the current position.

So, the land in the area such as Iga, Koka and Moriyama is the soil that was on the bottom of the ancient Lake Biwa.

I simply wanted to express the beauty of “Wabara”.

I did not find the Shigaraki-yaki (Shigaraki poetry) that I liked, so I made this flower vase by myself and coordinated with Wabara.

I think, Wabara in Shigaraki-yaki vase is the most beautiful and natural and powerful.

Flower: Wabara by Keiji Kunieda (Rose Farm KEIJI)
Vase: Shigaraki-yaki by JoJo.Miyake

This photograph, can*not for sale.

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