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(English version)

I am JoJo.Miyake (Jousuke Miyake),
other name is
Jousuke Hamano (Wedding & Family Photographer).

In the autumn of 2012,
I moved to Minami Sanriku after the Great East Japan Earthquake,
while I challenge entrepreneurship in family photography,
I looked at the beauty of the scenery there.

land and people inevitably were injured in the affected areas.
Even so, I found a lot of very beautiful landscapes.

local people do not realize that they are “natural”.
So I started shooting landscape photographs
titled “Minami Sanriku Photography”
to show people in the affected town
how beautiful the landscape is.

After that,
I worked as a photographer around the Tohoku 6 prefectures,
and my thoughts changed to conviction.

In the autumn of 2015,
we decided to return to Koka City, Shiga Prefecture,
where there is a home in a hurry under various circumstances.

what I grew up in Shiga itself is a trauma.

But on the contrary, what do I know about Shiga?
I asked myself my own question and started looking for something good.

In Koka City,
there were privileged and rich resources such as Ninja no Sato,
Shigaraki pottery, and Asanomiya tea.
Besides, there are many hills in Shigaraki,
and with the four seasons there are wonderful landscapes.

Although Shiga prefecture is likely
to be thought to be only Lake Biwa,
there are plentiful land that is very rich,
and still many farmers,
so there are lots of wonderful scenery.

Ohmi Hachiman, my new base,
also realized that there are lots of really wonderful landscapes
and regional assets that are proud of the world.

So, I decided to create and announce the work
with the concept of discovering the beauty
and fun of the area with which I am related,
publishing it as art photography,
and encouraging people lives there.

This is the my brand,
“JoJo.Miyake Art Photography”.

History of JoJo.Miyake

1973, Birth in Osaka, Japan.

1979, moved to Shiga, Japan.

1985, I resisted my parents and teachers and refused to go to school.

At that time, I was told that it is a true psychosis patient from the surroundings. I thought, “You are blindly obedient to what you were ordered from your parents or teachers is a mental patient!”

1990, For becoming a computer game creator, I decided to go on to high school and studied outside school for a year.

1993, entered in Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan. My major was the history of Ancient China and pedagogy.

1997, graduated from my university.

1997, started working in the company that headquarter of chain store selling TV-game and books and CD and DVD in Nagoya, Japan.

2008, changed my job to a wedding photographer.

2011, the local director of the East Japan great earthquake volunteer project in my company I worked.

2012, moved to Minami-Sanriku, Miyagi, Japan and I entered the independence business as a wedding & family photographer of “EN-LIGHTENMENT”.

2013, moved to Sendai, Miyagi, Japan.

2014, the Workshop tour in Apple Store Sendai Ichibancho

2015, the Workshop tour in Apple Store Sendai Ichibancho, Nagoya Sakae, Osaka, Omotesando, Tokyo.

According to Apple Japan, I am the world’s first photographer to hold a workshop tour at the Apple store.

2016, I took the workshop by Mr. Kent Shiraishi in Biei, Hokkaido, Japan.

2017, I participated in the flower photo exhibition that produced by Ogawa Yoshifumi (Porsche’s official photographer over 30 years).

2018, I decided to base Ohmi-hachiman City in Shiga as a new base, and resumed business activities as a true Ohmi merchant and a photo artist. I renamed JoJo.Miyake as a landscape and art photographer