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The Workshop
I help you to enjoy
your photography
for your memories.

I’m a professional photographer,
Wedding & Family Photo,
Landscape, Art, and so on.
my mission is providing photography
that all the people have
memorial photos of the whole family
including “you”.

iPhone are the most use camera in the world.
So, I held the workshop tour
at the Apple Store in Japan, 2014-2015.

In 2012, I moved to Minami-Sanriku in Miyagi  from Nagoya, Japan.

Minami-Sanriku suffered the most severe damage at the Great East Japan Earthquake.

I decided to become a true wedding & family photographer on the land where the most important family photographs were lost most on the earth.

And, I thought that I would like to take family photos that all of us have including you.

However, I can not do this project alone.
So, I thought about realizing it with the iPhone and any smartphones.

Steve Jobs must have invented the iPhone, probably like me, with the thought that “I want to change the world where many people can take pictures as important memories with important family and friends at any time”.

Steve Jobs, he had conflicts with his original family.
And he stuck with his family and his colleagues working together.
He seems to have been a crazy person for his colleagues working together ….

However, the camera system on the iPhone are just right lense to take group photos and your sight on your eyes.
This means that he wants to take pictures with family and friends and beautiful scene by iPhone in casual way all the time.

And I connect his mind and love the iPhone to next generations.

I would like to share not only iPhone photography but also people around the world with photography techniques to capture important memories for many people.

Also, I will broadly inform you about the most important ‘rights’ in photography and philosophy of it. Rights are copyright, portrait rights, and so on.

If you are interested in, please offer me.

Thank you so much,
Apple Japan provided these photos.

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